Pete Noon

Making Music For Over 50 Years

The Swilltones 1997- 1999. (L-R) Pete Noon (Guitar-Vocals), Dave Bynum (Drums), Russ Norris (Vocals-Bass).


Pete jamming with Mike Mekata at the Sheraton Hotel in Martinsburg, WV - 1995 (Photo:Marc Moore).

Pete with old friend Karl Vollbehr (Pete's first guitar teacher) 1996.

Pete with Don McMinn's Band

Pete with Don McMinn's Band at the Rum Boogie Cafe on Beale Street in Memphis - March 1993 (Photo:Marc Moore).

Pete with Freudian Slip (1995-1996) at their usual gig at the Laughing Lizard Lounge in Old Town Alexandria. The band played classic rock, Black Crows, STP, Collective Soul, Counting Crows and covered other contemporary bands.

Freudian Slip jamming at the Laughing Lizard Lounge in Old Town Alexandria 1996. (L-R) Unknown harp player, Chris Gabriel (Drums), Pete, Ed Smith.

Freudian Slip at the Laughing Lizard Lounge in Old Town Alexandria 1995. (L-R) Ed Smith (Vocals, guitar), Chris Gabriel (Drums), Pete (Guitar, keyboard & vocals) & John DC (bass).

Freudian Slip (1994 -1996). Gig at Nick's in Alexandria, VA. (L-R) Ed Smith (vocals & guitar), Chris Gabriel (drums), & Pete (lead guitar, vocals).

May 1995 in New Orleans

Pete played washboard with the local cajun band Mamou on Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

1994 - jamming back on Long Island with Pete's good friend Haig Mathosian (extreme left) and some of Haig's friends. Haig and Pete have been friends since the late 60's and bounce a lot of musical ideas off each other.

The Rick French Band opens for Bill Kirchen - July 1994. (L-R) Pete, Rick French (Drums), Russ Norris (Bass)

Pete jams with Haig Mathosian and Mike Chieffo on Long Island - July 1994

Pete's video

In 1992 Ralph Trainello made a video of some of Pete's original songs. Here's a picture of Ralph in the studio during the video editing sessions.


RUST (L-R) Pete (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Ralph Trainello (bass), Kim Barrows (drums), Tom Devoe (vocals, guitar), & Tom Simmons (vocals, guitar).

Dave Majchszak & Pete laying down some tracks - October 1992.

When Pete moved to Virginia he got more into recording and started to play keyboards more. Here's his 1985 Keyboard setup.

RazorRose 1982 Original Line-up

RazorRose - August 1982 at John Gregory's Birthday Bash (L-R) Pete, Dave Ragozzino.

Araqus drummer Bobby McKenna 1982.

Araqus 1978-1979. Pete & drummer Bobby McKenna take a break between sets. The band covered Beatles, Boston, Tommy Bolin, Robin Trower, Aerosmith & Foghat. Sadly, Bobby died in 1984.

The Rings 1977 - 1978. Pete and John Gregory (Drums) at John's annual birthday party August 27, 1977. The band played Kiss, Stones, Zep, T-Rex, Ted Nugent & originals.

The Rings. (L-R) John Gregory (Drums, Vocals), Paul Bazules(Vocals, Bass), Mike Betlow(Vocals, Guitar).

Another photo of Pete, Mike, and Dave. The band covered Pink Floyd, Led Zep, ZZ Top, Police, Robin Trower, Eagles, Bob Marley, and classic rock. The band played off and on between 1966 - 1988 under various names. (L-R Dave, Pete, and Mike).

For over 20 years Pete played in bands with Mike Chieffo (Vocals, Bass) and Dave Ragozzino (Drums). Here's a photo from the Brookhaven Bicentennial Picnic in the summer of 1976 at Southhaven State Park under the band name "Daddy Warbucks".

Here's Pete's first playable guitar that he bought on his 18th birthday in 1965 - a Fender Mustang.

Pete's first guitar was purchased in Smithtown, NY for about $55 in late 1964 and it was "like trying to play a bow and arrow". Thankfully he bought a new guitar the following year.

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